Type Tuesday – INTP Author Hilarity, Where is the Mechanical Camel?

I am thrilled when people agree to write me a Type Tuesday. Fiona’s submission is truly worth the every hilarious minute it will take you to read. The ‘Can’t, I’m booked’ shirt suits this INTP spot on. I can still remember Fiona in high school, reading at nearly every given chance. Funny thing about Fiona and myself in high school; we didn’t always exactly get along. We are both ‘IN”s but it is my ‘FJ’ to her ‘TP’ that probably caused the major rift. My feeling and emotion to her thinking and quick wit, combined with my need to keep things ‘in-line’ and her being open and ready to respond to situations, did not end well when we tried to share a best friend.

There are just somethings that make one happy to be not a teenager, such as not being an emotional wench. Thanks for this enjoyable read Fiona – now I want to see the mechanical camel. (more…)

Four Stage INFJ – Creation, climax, crash, churn

‘IN’s (introverted intuitive) love a good metaphor. We often put events and thoughts into word pictures to make sense of what is happening. We lack the literal of a ‘sensor’ type. If an ‘IS’ (introverted sensor) is asked to describe their home, they will tend to shoot you the square footage, color, type of garage. An IN will describe the house in terms of feeling or trying to draw you a mental picture of their home. An IN will probably lead with -‘did you ever see Stacy’s home? Our place is a lot like that but we don’t have the same back yard’. Back to my point – I think in metaphors and I have a great new INFJ one that is very mentally soothing when I can’t seem to understand why I am doing what I am doing. (more…)

‘Hotline Girl’ Author RJ Conte Guest Blog.

Funny, the people you meet in the blogasphere. RJ and I connected over the use of Myers Briggs typology and novel characters. She has just written a new novel and agreed to blog for 16Sundays. I have enjoyed all my interactions with RJ but I have to admit, I have only read a few excerpts from her novel. I am looking forward to Hotline Girl.

We have all seen the ‘Which Disney Character (insert any movie/book here) are you?” quiz and, if you are like me, fascinated by which evil our type extinguished and which prince we walked away with. What I hadn’t really though of was that authors were using typology to develop the characters in the first place. 

Thank you for contributing this interesting blog post, RJ – all the best with the promotion of your new novel.

RJ Conte for 16Sundays

Artist rendering of RJ Conte

Hello! I’m RJ Conte – author of a couple of novels (Check me out here on Amazon.com!)

I am a wife, mother of two toddlers, and can’t get enough of Myers-Briggs. I even used it in typing and creating the characters for my novella, The Hotline Girl, which is going to be released on May 2nd. Pre-order it here!

And please come to my Facebook party on May 2nd to celebrate the release of the book! Giveaways, prizes, and fun, as well as virtual snacks! 😉

Consider yourselves invited! Click here to say you’ll come!

a.     What is a common personality trait of your ‘type’ that is true about you?

I am an ESFJ. This type is known as the epitome of the “mother bear.” I guess I definitely fit that, as I’ve been called a mother by even my very best friends, who are my peers. 😉 I also have an absolute loathing of any change, which is how most SJ types feel. It bites me in the foot a lot. I am trying to overcome that initial deep dread of all things new, and trying to be less predictable and attached to the established tradition. 😉

It’s not very common at all (I’ve never found any!) for ESFJs to be authors. The writing profession tends to be a quiet, solitary, introvert occupation, with a heavy emphasis on intuitives and big imaginations. I’ve always felt like a rebel to my type because of my writing, and that makes me unique. 🙂

b.     How does your ‘type’ affect your relationship with people you love?

I have spent a good portion of my life, at this point, trying to overcome being just my ‘type’ in relating to people. I want to be balanced when viewing people. The normal “ESFJ me” gets attached super easily, wants to be in control, is bossy, and nosy. With the Lord’s help, I’ve learned from parents, spouse, and godly friends how to hone that deep well of love I have for people wisely, and to be cautious and balanced. I think all types need to surround themselves with great people to balance them out!

c.     Has knowing your ‘type’ changed you or your relationships?

I got into Myers-Briggs because I married an INTP – my exact opposite! 😉 He was so different and weird and unique to me. Of course, I was attracted to the differences, but then I began to expect him to think and act like me. We both really enjoyed finding Myers-Briggs and discovering explanations for the opposite things we did and preferred – and showing each other that being different was okay! 🙂

d.     Think about a major life changing event, does knowing your Personality Type give you a new perspective on your thoughts or actions?

Is shuddering okay? Haha! I hate major life-changing events, unless they involve people. Adding a new baby to the home, or getting a new in-law aren’t scary, but amazing events, because they broaden the scope of people I get to love. 🙂 It helps me, in life-changing events, to remind myself that I actually adapt quickly. Even though it can be brutally painful to go through, I am not the type to get majorly depressed, and I can make friends wherever I go. I have my family that loves me, and I am optimistic to watch what God is going to do in my life. 🙂

Hotline Girl by RJ Conte for 16Sundays

Look for this book at your ‘local’ Amazon book store.

e. In your novella, The Hotline Girl, that is coming out May 2nd, what are the personality types of the main couple? How does Myers-Briggs help your writing?

I feel like I owe a lot of my realism and character development to Myers-Briggs. I use the theory the most when it comes to writing stories. I can start with a basic type for the foundation of a character, and then assess how they would process and react to fit my plot. Even speech patterns change whether or not my characters are perceivers or judgers. I like to think that a great amount of detail goes into making my characters realistic down to the way they cough, smile, or sneeze. 🙂

In The Hotline Girl, which is a modern real-world retelling of Beauty and the Beast, my main leading lady, Arabella Rose, is ISTJ. Toby Beestlie, my guy, is ENTP. Toby is quite the character. Crude, clever, and cutely clueless, he waffles back and forth between extremes, just like a distraught Ne type might. Arabella Rose is the cool, dutiful, composed ISTJ with the dry sense of humor. She keeps him sane, and he lights up her otherwise lonely world. They are and adorable match, and their romance mostly happens over the phone. I hope everyone gets a kick out of the dialogue. 🙂

Monica, lastly, I love your site. I love reading about the knowledge and dedication you put into understanding people. I love you INFJs, in all of your mystery and intrigue. Thank you so much for hosting me!

Come to my Facebook party, all! 🙂


Type Tuesday – ENFJ

You know when your best friend gets a girlfriend and you are met with both excitement and resentment? You couldn’t be happier for the guy but man, that bitch better be worthy. Sean meeting Andrea was like passing a conch. That feeling of ‘good, you take him now, you will treat him right’ was immediate, and has proven the test of time.  (more…)

Type Tuesday – INFJ Stranger

If you are an INFJ, you should find that title humorous.  Two firsts; a blog from a male and a blog from someone I don’t personally know. I read Tumblr and WordPress ‘Type’ blogs all the time and I comment on many. Sometimes the conversations via comments lead to me asking the blogger to write me a Type Tuesday. Anyone is welcome to submit a Type Tuesday Guest Blog (instructions here) but Sandy is the first person to actually act on it. AND he is an INFJ (same as me) so how fitting! I will take this moment to plug to the INFJ’s out there that I am hoping to have our shirt design on the site in about three weeks. These things take a bit of time but I am hoping they are worth it! (more…)

The INFJ Chameleon

There is an INFJ trait that it going to make my development of this site and my designs a winner – we are chameleons. The INFJ mirrors the personality of the person they are in contact with and will adjust to make sure everyone is on the same level. When people say, ‘I love that design, it is like you were in my head’, I think – ‘no shit, I actually just was’.  (more…)

Type Tuesday – ESFJ Momma

Type Tuesday and this time with an ESTJ, Provider. I always ask my bloggers to relate their ‘Type’ to a circumstance in their life and Mel’s post really hit home for me. In the following blog, Mel related her ‘Type’ to having a child with a heart disease. I have watched my friend struggle through doctor appointments and devastating news for years. I am truly thankful she was blessed with the ESTJ type. I hope what she says is true, and the knowledge of her type and how the type handles situations brings her a bit of comfort on sad days. Mon (more…)